spice eto sterilizerWe have carved a niche to be a reputed manufacturer associated with Spice ETO Sterilizer. Sterilization is the term for the elimination associated with microbial life, which includes fungi, bacteria, Trojans, spore forms, and many others. Present on a surface, contained inside a fluid, in drugs, or in a compound like biological culture media. Sterilization can be achieved by applying the correct combinations of warmth, chemicals, irradiation, questionable, and filtration.

The particular Spice ETO Sterilization Machine is equipped with automatic temperature command mechanism. In ETO sterilization bacteria die on the coagulation or denaturation with the protein constituents. Spice ETO Sterilizer contain primary variables including gas concentration, dampness, temperature and time period. Spice ETO Sterilizer assures that the safe and sterile product will likely be delivered to the esteemed client within the domestic and international market.

For more than 40 years ETO may be the technology of preference for sterilizing in addition to pasteurizing spices. Krishna engineering may be the leading provider of contract ETO Sterilization services at a network of services nationwide.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Better efficiency & lesser mixing up time.
  • Modular structure of chamber.
  • Great for prevention of minuscule biological contamination

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