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With deep knowledge of the procedure and instruments and rich experience of manufacturing, we provide extensive range of vacuum dryer to cater variety of industries across India, as well as across the globe. We manufacture and export the vacuum tray dryer, made from high grade material with the help of ultramodern technology. Our dryers are used in the industries like food and beverages, dyes and paints, chemical, pharmaceutical and many more.

We make use of the high grade steel. For the effective and uniform drying, shelves and trays are also made from finest quality of material. Our vacuum dryers are made as per cGMP standard. We handle stringent checking of the dryer according to international norms and conditions and also according to industrial parameters. We offer broad range of vacuum dryer. It is available with variation of number of trays, number of shelves, shelf size, condenser and loading capacity of trays. Dryer is provided with temperature indicator to monitor the procedure. Doors are made with glass view to monitor the drying process.

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As the name shows, vacuum dryer is working under vacuum conditions. It is a tray dryer. The vacuum dryer contains number of shelves to place the trays containing products to be dried. The top most shelf of the dryer is called the dummy shelf, which protect the extraction system from the blocking with dried powder. If the material to be dried is heat sensitive, then these vacuum dryers are the most suitable dryers for the material and material can be easily resolved, deteriorated and polymerized under high temperature. Sterilization of the material is preferred prior to drying to make it free from contamination. Vacuum tray dryer is suitable for the drying of the hygroscopic substances.

• Our dryers are available with 6/12/24/48/96 number of trays
• Sight and light glass
• Validation port
• To withstand full vacuum, heavy duty structure is constructed
• Filter for the breaking of vacuum [/fusion_text][/fullwidth]

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