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Steam-SterilizersWith rich industrial experience and sound knowledge of the field, we put forward our effective instrument, a steam sterilizer. It is also called autoclave. It is commonly used in laboratory and pharmaceutical industries. It is also used in chemical industries and food and beverages. It is used to sterilize equipments with high pressure steam. It is used for sterilization and eliminates the biological contamination. It is commonly used to sterilize the medical devices and surgical instruments, which are not sensitive to heat.
Vertical sterilizer contains a single door while all other models are available with single or double door. The hinged doors are provided for the safety point of view. It is provided with specially designed connector or nozzles to avoid the chances of any type of contamination. We make use of the special welding technique to avoid welding depression in the chamber. On the sterile side, the sterile air filter is provided for the vacuum break. Sterilizer contains uniform temperature with the variation of + 0.1.50°C. Chamber contains perfect finish with crevice free construction, which helps to keep contamination free chamber. It is constructed with high grade steel. It is provided with precise control system. It is also contains the system to monitor the temperature and pressure. Alarm is provided for the indication of the door position. Temperature and time are varies as per load.
The equipments to be sterilized should be cleaned and dried before placing in to sterilizers. For effective sterilization, sterilizer should not be over loaded. It is specially designed for the continuous operation and performs well on repeated uses. Steam Sterilizers, Eto Sterilizers India

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• Latest monitoring system for the process
• Display of temperature
• Alarm system is provided for the safety point of view
• Chamber is fabricated from high grade steel
• Horizontal cylindrical sterilizers with conventional radial arm
• Processor cum sterilizers
• Horizontal rectangular sterilizers with sliding doors and conventional radial arm[/fusion_text][/one_half][one_half last=”yes” class=”” id=””][fusion_text]


• laboratory
• medicine
• food and beverages
• pharmaceutical
• microbiology
• chemical industries[/fusion_text][/one_half][/fullwidth]

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