Country Description

List of cities in Brazil:- Fortaleza, Manaus, Porto Alegre, Natal, Teresina, Joinville, Porto Velho etc.

The sterilization process is fulfilled in three steps. The process contains preconditioned phase, the actual sterilization phase and post sterilization phase. By the procedure a by-product ethylene glycol (formed by the ambient humidity and ETO) and ethylene chlorohydrins (formed by chlorine containing material and ETO) are formed.

The ETO sterilizers are commonly used to sterilize the pharmaceutical equipments and medical devices. For the industry like medicine, an extra care should be taken for the process. We manufacture and export wide range of ETO sterilizers. They are also used for the instruments or items sensitive to heat. Some materials are sensitive for moisture too. So, they also could beĀ  sterilized with the ETO sterilizers. They are available with small bench top sterilizers to large rooms.