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List of United States cities :- New York, California, Chicago, Washington, Boston, Portland, Las Vegas, Mesa etc.

They are also used for the instruments or items sensitive to heat. Some materials are sensitive for moisture too. So, they also could be sterilized with the ETO sterilizers. They are available with small bench top sterilizers to large rooms. They are used for many industrial applications, but mainly used in the plastic and pharmaceutical industries. It is also extensively used for the food and spices.

The items like vessels, needles, syringes, surgical instruments are to be sterilized with ETO sterilizers. Thus, it is used in the hospitals and health centers for the effective prevention of the biological contamination. Material of construction is depends upon the applications either it is used for the medical devices or for the food and spices. Temperature, pressure and RH are the significant factors for the ETO sterilizers.

Our sterilizers are passed through stringent testing on various parameters and fulfill all international norms and conditions.