Hospital ETO Sterilizer

Our E.T.O Gas Sterilizer meant for hospitals are very efficient for the destruction of germs that are very prevalent in the hospitals as well as clinics. Our sterilizers are used for sterilization process of syringes, IV tubes, urine bags, needles, surgical tools and other heat and moisture sensitive hospital devices and equipments.

ETO Sterilization

ETO Sterilization is a type of sterilization process primarily employed to sterilize medical as well as pharmaceutical products with the help of Ethylene Oxide gas.

Continuous Ball Mill

Our robust and highly functional Continuous Ball Mill product is user-friendly in nature and is very durable. ETO Sterilizer is widely in the market.

Ribbon Blender

Our supreme quality and excellently performing Ribbon Blender is extensively demanded among diverse industries like chemical, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer etc.

Vacuum Tray Dryer

Our vacuum Tray Dryer is meticulously designed to offer rapid and safe drying of heat sensitive materials even under very high temperature.